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Beanstalkd and Amazon SQS queues with Zend Framework 2

I’m always amazed by the flexibility of Zend Framework 2. Modules really brought Zend Framework to another level, and you should not be shy to use modules.

Speaking about that, I’ve completely refactored SlmQueue, thanks to Jurians Sluiman. Previously, it only supported Beanstalkd queue systems, but it now supports Amazon SQS too, thanks to a flexible architecture.

I’ve put all my efforts to make those modules as high-quality as possible, and follow the latest best practices (yes, the ones I described in my previous article). Therefore, you may be interested to read the source code.

SlmQueue is now splitted into three modules: SlmQueue is the base module that provides interfaces and abstract classes shared by every queue systems, while SlmQueueBeanstalkd and SlmQueueSqs provides implementation for those systems.

Feel free to try those modules !